Created for Ludum Dare 34 with the themes "Growing" and Two Button Controls"

Escape to the ocean!

You are Fugu, a pufferfish kidnapped from your ocean home and brought to a mountaintop restaurant by a crazed sushi chef who wants nothing more than to feature you on his menu! Lucky for you, you've managed to slip his net just as you reach his door. Time to roll away home!

Guide Fugu down the mountain and back to the safety of the ocean by doing what a pufferfish does best — puffing up! But beware that the chef will not let you go easily… and a whole mountain of tricky obstacles and hungry cats stands between you and freedom!


- Press Z to inflate yourself, giving you a speedy hop and enough size to survive a cat attack!

- Press X to deflate yourself, giving you the maneuverability to slip over and under obstacles without breaking your stride!